Life Lessons From Mayberry Overview

Life Lessons From Mayberry

September 20, 2015 - September 23, 2015

You won’t want to miss the opportunity to join us at Ridgecrest for this great event celebrating of the biblical truths and life applications found in The Andy Griffith Show.


  • Special guest, actress Margaret Kerry (“Bess” from “Christmas Story”; “Helen” from “Andy Forecloses”)
  • Bluegrass concert
  • Mayberry tribute artists
  • Nine episodic breakout sessions
  • “Music of Mayberry” session
  • Powerful preaching and worship
  • Mayberry Volunteer Choir
  • Three nights’ deluxe accommodations;  eight home-style meals
  • Mayberry Squad Car photo ops


Discover a Mayberry State of Mind
We’d all like to live in Mayberry, wouldn’t we? We yearn for its slow pace and easy-going charm. We admire the loyal friendships and relish its true southern hospitality. We appreciate the joy its citizens find in life’s innocent pleasures. And we respect the fact that in the end, people in Mayberry just treat each other right.

Sadly, we can’t live in a fictional town. But we sophisticated residents of 2015 can learn a thing or two from our 1960’s-black-and-white-sitcom friends. Because when we fast-forward 55 years, we see that human nature hasn’t changed. We still deal with some of the same daily challenges. We still struggle with personal shortcomings. We still have imperfect relationships. We still want our faith to be stronger.

For four days, we’ll take you back to Mayberry. Yes, we’ll laugh and sing and enjoy sweet fellowship. But the genius of The Andy Griffith Show is that the essential life lessons it offers us are amazingly tied to God’s Word. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind, memorable event that’s rich in inspiration, warm in nostalgia, and steeped in fun.

Coming December 2015 A Life Lessons From Mayberry Christmas

Program Fee - $84.50 per person

Deluxe Accommodations- $85 per room, per night (base on double occupancy)

Meal Package - $88 per person (8 meals beginning with dinner Sunday and ending with Breakfast on Wednesday.)

To make reservations for this great event please call 1.800.588.7222

Five breakout sessions, plus two nighttime “Episode Extras” let you enjoy seven episode studies during the event.

Andy on Trial—Barney’s boastful and know-it-all spirit unknowingly leads to betrayal of his best friend, but Andy’s forgiveness and grace restores the relationship. Features one of the most touching scenes in the entire series.

Andy Forecloses—Andy has the unpleasant duty of evicting a beloved family when they’re unable to make their monthly house payment. Landlord Ben Weaver demands that the Scobey family, his mortgagees, pay up or get out. But Andy is convinced there must be another way. This episode features our special guest for the week, actress Margaret Kerry (Helen Scobey).

Christmas Story—The only Christmas episode is endearing for its beautiful rendition of “Away in a Manger” and for the love, acceptance, and forgiveness the Taylors and friends show to a seemingly unlovable Scrooge. This episode features our special guest for the week, actress Margaret Kerry (Bess Muggins).

Citizen’s Arrest—Andy is up to his ears in conflict management—between Gomer and Barney, Otis and Barney, and himself and Barney. This session offers scriptural reminders for managing disagreements, as well as biblical helps for building and maintaining good relationships.

The Clubmen—When Andy and Barney are considered for membership in an exclusive men’s club, Barney aims to impress. But his aim is more than a little off.  This session looks at the value of personal humility and shows us an example of  true friendship.

High Noon in Mayberry—When an ex-con returns to Mayberry to see Andy, Barney moves into overdrive to protect his best buddy. We’ll see a stark contrast between the way Barney reacts and the way Andy responds. Faith, courage, repentance, and forgiveness—it’s all here.

Opie and the Bully—Funny and poignant, this coming-of-age episode has Opie learning the hard lesson of standing on his own two feet, and Andy learning the hard lesson of letting him.

Plus, attend a one-time session Sunday night studying the music of Mayberry.

*Breakout and schedule subject to change without notice

Hundreds have already enjoyed it!

“If you’re a fan of “The Andy Griffith Show” consider attending this conference next year. It is a wonderful time spent with some great Christian people examining episodes and applying them biblically. Three days of feeling loved on in beautiful surroundings. You’ll come away refreshed and with a renewed faith.”—Teri Williams, Hermitage, Tennessee

“This week is a time of peace and happiness that you share while we’re and then take home to carry through your daily life.”—Nina Partridge, Covington, Georgia

“I felt the Lord’s presence in the participants and the content of the sessions was an awakening to the witness of [The Andy Griffith] show.”—William D. Forbes, Virginia Beach, Virginia

“This is my fourth visit. Each one gets a little better. I met many nice people. The food was excellent. I look forward to next year.”—Letha Miller, Immokalee, Florida

“The breakouts, of course, brought on a little nostalgia, but as I saw Mayberry as a young child originally, I viewed them for enjoyment/entertainment only. The leaders have done such an excellent job of helping me to see the depth of the story within. It has been excellent in every respect.”—Donna Hudson, Newton, Mississippi

“So encouraging to be with other believers (and Andy Griffith/Mayberry lovers) from all walks of life, all over the U.S.!”—Carol Mullis, Monroe, North Carolina

“Refreshing, encouraging, inspiring. Ready to go home and apply what I learned. Was down when I came . . . going home UP!”—Linda Litchfield, Greenville, Texas

“Good, down-to-earth life applications. Very easy to apply episodes to everyday life. I had seen many of The Andy Griffith Show episodes, but had never gleaned the scriptural connection. Well done.”—Dan Clayton, Aiken, South Carolina

“I had the most wonderful time. The lesson “Sermon for Today” on how to slow down really made me think about my life—take time and enjoy.”—Robin Vaughan, Brookhaven, Mississippi

“I really didn’t know what to expect but this event was life-changing. I’ve learned so much from Life Lessons From Mayberry.”—Barbara Marsh, Richland, Washington

“This is the second year for our group. It was so enjoyable last year, we decided to come back again this year. Well, we were not let down. The Christian values enforced throughout the breakout sessions were excellent! Everyone was so helpful and friendly.”—Sandra K. Bauduin, Summerton, South Carolina

“I have watched [The Andy Griffith Show] all my life and after this conference I will definitely watch them in a different way . . . looking for the spiritual message in each one.”—Sarilda Clark, Cannel City, Kentucky

“The worship services and music were very inspiring and meaningful. All of the sessions were excellent—the leaders were well prepared and so warm and personable.”—Nancy Mikell, LaGrange, Georgia

A Few Things to Note Before You Arrive…

• Get ready! Our schedule for these four days is jam-packed (but fun!) because we want to give you a lot of value for your money. 

• You’ll have nine opportunities to attend breakout sessions (episodes). Attend three episodes during the day on Monday and Tuesday, and one on Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday evenings will feature one big “Episode Extra”—a different episode each night.

• Worship services will be mid-morning each day - Monday - Wednesday.

• Participate in the Mayberry Volunteer Choir and sing fun songs and hymns from The Andy Griffith Show during our worship services. You don’t have to be a great singer; you just have to enjoy music. When you get on campus, check for rehearsal times and locations. 

• Event T-Shirts will be for sale. Sorry, we can only accept checks or cash .

• Additional Mayberry-related items will be for sale in the LifeWay Christian Store on the Ridgecrest campus. It’s open until 5:30 pm daily. 

• Evenings and mornings may be a little cool, so bring a jacket. Bring comfy walking shoes, too. Dress is casual - whatever’s comfortable. 

• Your fee of $300 per person (based on double occupancy) is all-inclusive and includes three nights lodging on campus, eight meals, and the conference. There are no other expenses unless you buy something in the bookstore, vending, a T-shirt, or something from one of the featured guests.

• Because this is a Christian conference center, there are no televisions in the guest rooms, so that you can get away from the distractions of life. A Fellowship Room on each floor has a television with limited channel selections.

• Please check out of your room on Wednesday morning, September 23rd, before you attend the last breakout session. Allow time for this before or after breakfast. 



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