Life Lessons From Mayberry Overview

Life Lessons From Mayberry

September 21, 2014 - September 24, 2014

A Celebration of the biblical truths and life applications found in The Andy Griffith Show.

  • Fun-filled Bible studies based on favorite episodes
  • Powerful preaching and worship
  • Mayberry Tribute Artists Lunch
  • Maybery Orchestra Concert

Discover a Mayberry State of Mind
We’d all like to live in Mayberry, wouldn’t we? We yearn for its slow pace and easy-going charm. We admire the loyal friendships and relish its true southern hospitality. We appreciate the joy its citizens find in life’s innocent pleasures. And we respect the fact that in the end, people in Mayberry just treat each other right.

Sadly, we can’t live in a fictional town. But we sophisticated residents of 2014 can learn a thing or two from our 1960’s-black-and-white-sitcom friends. Because when we fast-forward 54 years, we see that human nature hasn’t changed. We still deal with some of the same daily challenges. We still struggle with personal shortcomings. We still have imperfect relationships. We still want our faith to be stronger.

For four days, we’ll take you back to Mayberry. Yes, we’ll laugh and sing and enjoy sweet fellowship. But the genius of The Andy Griffith Show is that the essential life lessons it offers us are amazingly tied to God’s Word. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind, memorable event that’s rich in inspiration, warm in nostalgia, and steeped in fun.

Program Fee - $80 per person

Deluxe Accommodations- $84 per room, per night (base on double occupancy)

Meal Package - $89 per person (8 meals beginning with dinner Sunday and ending with Breakfast on Wednesday.)

To make reservations for this great event please call 1.800.588.7222

Mayberry On Record
The Rivals
The New Housekeeper
The Sermon for Today
The Case of the Punch in the Nose
Opie’s Charity
Mr. McBeevee

Episode Extras:
(Bonus sessions Monday and Tuesday nights)
Barney’s First Car
The Jinx

Music of Mayberry
Can you imagine The Andy Griffith Show without music? In this special session offered only on Wednesday morning, our all-purpose music guy, Mike Moose, will lead us on a fascinating journey into the different ways music appears on the show, and how it contributes to the endearing aesthetic that is Mayberry.  Along the way, we will discover and share how music creates a beautiful soundtrack for our lives, allowing us to experience life emotionally and spiritually.

Episodes subject to change without notice.

Hundreds have already enjoyed it!

“‘Man in a Hurry’ challenged me to slow down and savor the simple things in life. ‘A Date for Gomer’ was a powerful lesson on self-acceptance (as well as acceptance of others).”
Ruth Lauer, Brentwood, TN

“I wish every parent could see ‘Barney Fife, Realtor.’ We so often expect our children to do as we say not as we do. What a different world it would be if adults would act like we expect children to.”
Judy Wells, Waynesburg, KY

“This entire conference has been such a rewarding experience. The worship services and breakouts were certainly uplifting, showing true Christian values. Mayberry is a lesson in life!”
Sandra Bauduin, Summerton, SC

“I have always loved The Andy Griffith Show but having looked at it from these perspectives makes it even better, I feel blessed to have been able to attend.”
Angie Deering, Standford, KY

“All the breakout sessions were great. The content used to teach Bible principles was on target. We plan to recommend this conference to everyone we know.”
Martha Barnhlll, Fayetteville, NC

“We will never watch another episode of The Andy Griffith Show without relating it to a moral, ethic, or religious experience.”
Phil and Nina Partridge, Covington, GA

“We were not Mayberry fans but decided to come as a getaway and have now been ‘converted’ to a Barney fan. We had no idea what to expect and were not disappointed. What a unique presentation of the breakout sessions.”
Bill and JoAnn Hornsby, Clarksville GA

A Few Things to Note Before You Arrive…

• Get ready! Our schedule for these four days is jam-packed (but fun!) because we want to give you a lot of value for your money. 

• Festivities kick off with an orchestra concert Sunday (9/21) at 4 pm - featuring hymns and songs from The Andy Griffith Show (TAGS), and patriotic numbers. Dinner will follow, before we end for the day. 

• During the event you will have nine opportunities to attend breakout sessions (episodes). You can choose and attend three episodes during the day on Monday and Tuesday, and once on Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday evenings, we’ll also offer one big “Episode Extra”- one different episode per night- for anyone who wants to attend one more after dinner. 

• Worship services will be mid-morning each day - Monday - Wednesday.

• You are invited to participate in the Mayberry Volunteer Choir and sing in our worship services. These will be fun songs from The Andy Griffith Show. You don’t have to be a great singer; you just have to enjoy music. When you get on campus, check for rehearsal times and locations. 

• On Tuesday, we’ll enjoy “Lunch with Mayberry Tribute Artists.” You’ll like the tableside visits from Gomer, Goober, Mayor Pike, Barney and Thelma Lou, Floyd the Barber, Ernest T. Bass, Briscoe Darling, and Ernest T. Bass. Plus, there will be photo opps afterward. And the Mayberry squad car returns- a perfect backdrop for these fun pictures. 

• Event T-Shirts will be for sale. Sorry, we can only accept checks or cash .

• Additional Mayberry-related items will be for sale in the LifeWay Christian Store on the Ridgecrest campus. It’s open until 5:30 pm daily. 

• Evenings and mornings may be a little cool, so bring a jacket. Bring comfy walking shoes, too. Dress is casual - whatever’s comfortable. 

• Your fee of $295 per person (based on double occupancy) is all-inclusive and includes three nights lodging on campus, eight meals, and the conference. There are no other expenses unless you buy something in the bookstore, vending, a T-shirt, or something from one of the featured guests.

• Because this is a Christian conference center, there are no televisions in the guest rooms, so that you can get away from the distractions of life. A Fellowship Room on each floor has a television with limited channel selections.

• Please check out of your room on Wednesday morning, September 24th, before you attend the last breakout session. Allow time for this before or after breakfast. 


“Loved the combination of the T.V. show with the spiritual message; makes us see the show and our lives in a new light.”

Allen and Lynda Moyers

Knoxville,  Tennessee


“Loved the details: [1960’s] candy, props, and scenes in each room. The life lessons from Mayberry are right where we all live! The music was first-rate, too. We will be back next year and bring someone with us.”

Donald and Brenda O’Dey

Norfolk,  Virginia


“It was delightful—well worth the trip from Texas. We had to decide between Life Lessons From Mayberry and the Biltmore. So glad we came here. Enjoyed all, especially the mix of Christ/Mayberry/Life Lessons. Thanks for the privilege of being in the first class of Life Lessons From Mayberry.”   

Mike and Pat Lowrey

Amarillo,  Texas


“Enjoyed this event very much! Seeing life lessons as an adult differs greatly from watching [the] T.V. show as a child strictly as entertainment.”  

Janet V. Parker

Pleasant Garden, North   Carolina


“After each session, people hung around, still discussing lessons from Mayberry with friends they just met—subjects like: ‘Is gossip really that bad?’”

Ann Davis

Mt. Juliet,  Tennessee


“The entire event was wonderful, far beyond my expectations. I will remember the lessons and begin to see [The Andy Griffith Show] reruns as more than just a T.V. show. Before this conference, I never gave it a thought that the shows had so much meaning, so much depth, so many Christian values and connections to the Bible.”  

Brenda Swann

Smithfield,  Virginia  


“I not only enjoyed the sessions tremendously, but the entertainment and preacher were excellent! Can’t say enough good about everything—from the food, to the lodging, to the minute details of the music and props. The fellowships and snacks were a wonderful touch to make folks feel welcome and at home. Just too much fun for words!”

Kathy Fields

Old Hickory,  Tennessee


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