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Marriage Impact

July 17, 2015 - July 19, 2015

Marriage Impact is the premier marriage event inviting couples to   experience exciting outdoor adventures combined with powerful   Bible-study and inspirational worship. Couples can select from a   fantastic list of recreational adventures, from laser tag to scaling a 40-ft. climbing wall on our high ropes course. There’s plenty of more relaxing options as well, and just wait until you see the hiking trails at Ridgecrest. Ridgecrest’s thick mountain laurel cascades over parts of the trails forming a lush umbrella to walk under, while Rattlesnake Lookout offers a spectacular view of the North Carolina horizon. Then return to your room each evening to relax with a couples devotional, turndown service and our special amenities chosen just for you.

Meaningful Worship
Marriage Impact loves to see couples experience the excitement of recreational adventures together. But understand one thing - our most important goal is to see couples grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Morning Bible studies and evening praise and worship sessions are carefully planned to encourage couples in their spiritual growth, with plenty of time to fellowship with other Christians from around the nation.

God has created you with a unique personality.  Psalm 139 says that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”  The problem comes when we try to “remake” ourselves, to reshape ourselves into someone we’re not.  Take that attitude into marriage and you will begin to try to reshape the love of your life.  That leads to disappointment, confusion and disillusionment.

This weekend, you will discover who you are, understand what makes you tick, and as a result, discover who your spouse is.  The result:  a newfound appreciation for the creature God has made you to be, and a new understanding of how to live with and love the husband or wife God has brought into your life!


The cost for this incredible weekend is $345 per couple.  This includes a program fee, turndown service with amenities each evening, meals (meals include dinner Friday night, breakfast Saturday, lunch Saturday and Sunday morning and a campfire with smores, etc. on Friday night) and on campus recreational activities.

To make reservations for this great event please call 800.588.7222

Note: Transportation to and from each activity is at your discretion. No public transportation is provided. No Childcare Provided for this Event.


Reserve a spot for organized free time activities.


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